The Mission


Who We Are, What We Believe
We are a decentralized group of organizers and activists who assume local leadership.
We believe in participatory democracy.
We believe in an educated populace to create and sustain that democracy.
We believe in no taxation without representation.
We believe that one of the important ways to create societal change is via the political process.
We believe in voting in each and every election.
We believe that local elections are extremely important and can improve the quality of our lives.
We believe that we can reduce and end poverty, end police terrorism, end the federal transfer of military weapons to local police departments and reform the US criminal justice system.
We believe in creating jobs, affording housing and quality schools.
We know that judges are elected and sometimes appointed.
We know that prosecutors are elected and must do a better job than many have.
We know that Mayors and Councils hire police chiefs, who then hire police officers.
We know that legislators pass laws and shape public policy.
We know that the dissemination of government money is controlled by elected officials.
We know that money does not win elections, people do. 
We believe in affecting the political process beyond elections.
We believe in communicating our wants and needs to elected officials and the society-at-large.
We believe in the first amendment, protesting, direct action, self-determination and the ballot.
We believe in actually implementing good policy recommendations that emerge from the progressive politics of #BlackLivesMatter
We believe in reforming the electoral process. 
We are NOT loyal to any partisan politics. 
We have no permanent parties, only permanent interests.
We believe in full participation for a community once considered “property” and then “3/5ths” of a person in the American Constitution.
We believe in pushing America to be a country that believes ALL of its citizenry has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
We believe in pushing the Democratic Party back to the Left.
We believe in countering the unjust and dehumanizing activities of the Right.
We believe in progressive politics that will make change in the political process and institutions affecting the quality of life of Black lives.
At this time, we are using the political model of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party and the vibrant energy and relentless, collective action of #BlackLivesMatter.
We are #BlackPoliticsMatter
Expect Us to Change Your Ballot Box.
Expect us to connect the dots between our pain and our political system.
We Are Turning our Pain into Political Power